All Village Recycling
Paper Comingled Containers (Cans, Bottles, Foil etc.)
First and Third Wednesdays Second and Fourth Wednesdays
If there is a fifth Wednesday, there is
no pick-up on that day

Commingled Containers
All of the following items can be recycled:

Glass Bottles (green, clear, brown) Milk Containers
Aluminum Cans Juice Boxes
Tin & Bi-Metallic Containers (inc aerosol cans) Aluminum Foil (including pie plates)
Plastic Containers (labeled #1-7) Regrigerated and Frozen Food Containers

All of the following items can be recycled:

Newspaper Magazines and Catalogs
White Envelopes   Junk Mail (envelopes & coupons)
White & Colored Ledger Computer, Fax and Photocopy Paper
Soft Covered Workbooks Chipboard and Boxboard
Kraft Paper Telephone and Paperback Books